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Committed to minimising the environmental impact of our buildings. Advocating a common sense approach based on passive design; an efficient building envelope and closing the gap between predicted and actual energy consumption. Green buildings should be a joy: light and airy; using natural, healthy, low-energy materials; and sitting gently upon the site.

The aim is the practice of architecture that works towards environmental sustainability whilst finding increased value through design. To apply these intentions at a practical level, with a co-operative and open relationship between consultant and client.

Architect Patterson was formed around a deeply felt wish to pursue a more environmentally benign architecture with a rigorous methodology and high aesthetic standards.


Architect Patterson is an architects practice based in Belfast, formed 2011 by Ian Patterson ( M.Arch – Queens University Belfast). My work engages in a design process that is based upon investigation and critique. I make use of a wide range of techniques to investigate and communicate ideas such as model making, 3-D visualisation and sketches. This approach leads to the development of particular proposals that are dependent on the specific nature of each project.

I seek to be thoughtful and creative in my approach to all projects, whether large or small, and proposals are all strongly contextual, arising from a response to the unique character of each site, the particular demands of the brief and exploration of a number of options before settling on any one solution. This is underpinned with a real commitment to finding more sustainable ways of living.